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2018 European African HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit.



  1. The extent of contemporary migration into Europe.
    a.  Sociology of migrant communities
    b.  The apex of migrations of various ethnicities in Europe
    c.   Cultures
    d.   Religious affiliations


  2.  Epidemiology and prevalence of HIV and Hepatitis within the migrant communities in Europe
    a.  How the two conditions have affected migrant communities in Europe.

  3. Virology – Understanding the pathophysiology of HIV and Hepatitis.
    a.    HIV
    b.    Hepatitis

  4. Public health issues facing the migrant communities.
    a.    Risk assessment of contracting the two conditions for the migrant communities.
    b.    HIV prevention strategies/models
    c.    Hepatitis prevention strategies/models

  5. Activism and advocacy for people affected by HIV and Hepatitis.
    a.  Addressing health inequalitiesolicy  procurement
    b.  Influencing P

    c.  Treatment activism

  6. The work of the voluntary sector in the prevention of HIV and hepatitis.
    a.    Community Engagement and involvement
    b.    Examples of good practice

  7. Moderator summary of the summit.
    a.    Evaluation
    b.    Recommendations
    c.    Way forward

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