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Women and HIV Cure: A Three-Part Webinar Series Presented by the Women's HIV Research Collaborative

Meeting Description: 

In recent years, the scientific community has made great strides toward finding a cure for HIV. Activists and advocates are rightfully excited about these developments, but many questions remain about what a cure will entail and how the science might reach different populations and communities. While cure research has generated exciting results, it is crucial that these results include and are relevant to all people with HIV. Women, however, are often excluded or otherwise left out of HIV cure efforts. The members of the Women’s HIV Research Collaborative (WHRC) believe that cure research must include women—cisgender and transgender alike—in order to produce results that are applicable and meaningful to women. In this spirit of sisterhood and the meaningful involvement of people with HIV, the WHRC has assembled a diverse group of expert women working in community advocacy, biomedical research, and bioethics to guide us through this three-part webinar series.

Part 1: Where are We? Women in the HIV Cure Landscape

Presenters will provide an overview of current HIV cure research with an emphasis on sex and gender. They will explain the importance of considering sex and gender when designing and implementing cure studies as well as the potential clinical and community impact when sex- and gender-specific questions are not included. By the end of this webinar, attendees will

  • Understand key terms in HIV cure research

  • Have learned about the major developments in HIV cure research and what remains unknown

  • Be able to describe the importance of considering sex and gender in HIV cure research

Coming up...

Tuesday, October 25 | Part 2: What Cure Means to Women, What Women Mean to Cure

Thursday, November 17 | Part 3: Barriers and Facilitators to Women’s Participation in Cure Research

The Women's HIV Research Collaborative is a working group of the Legacy Project at the Office of HIV/AIDS Network Coordination.

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