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M-Care Training

About the Training The M-Care Training is organized in cooperation by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) and the European African Advocates Network (EATAN). The goal of the training is to empower advocates and treatment activists from black and minority ethnic (BME) migrant communities in Europe to make a difference by fostering a stronger involvement of migrant communities in research, access programs, and early testing initiatives; as well as by fighting HIV, HCV, and TB related stigma and discrimination towards and within their community. Topics addressed during the training will be prevalence, pathology and treatment of HIV, HCV and TB among migrant communities in Europe; specific barriers to prevention, testing, treatment and care experienced by the community; together with approaches to overcome them. Furthermore the training will address clinical research and doctor-patient relationship from the perspective of the various needs and challenges present within the BME migrant communities in Europe. The last day of the training will be dedicated to patient advocacy – providing the participants with hands-on skills in working with stakeholders, as well as in designing and delivering strategies for successful advocacy. Following the training participants will be given the opportunity to apply for a scheme of follow-up grants to implement projects in their local community. This way they will actively apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the M-Care Training and support the quality of life of BME migrants in Europe.

Mobilizing Migrant Communities via Capacity and Access Resource Development 10-14 November 2016 in Brussels, Belgium

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