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EATAN Projects co-ordinator JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Description: Projects co-ordinator (PC)

European African Treatment Advocates Network (EATAN) is seeking an PC to mobilise European migrant communities towards better health. EATAN aims to enhance the voices of Africans in Europe living with HIV, viral Hepatitis and TB so that those who are affected by policies and practices are enabled the opportunity to actively participate in key diagnostic, treatment and social care plans.

The Projects co-ordinator reports directly to the Board of Directors and will be expected to bring or quickly develop an expertise in EATAN’s key areas of activity, particularly issues to do with HIV, HepC and TB healthcare policy and practice relevant to migrants. The PC must have proven leadership skills and a commitment to the EATAN vision. The ideal candidate will have the energy and ability to tackle a wide range of critical tasks, from conceiving creative campaigns, to drafting policy and fundraising proposals and engaging EATAN membership.

The role is currently voluntary but with potential to be made remunerable within 6 months.


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