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EATAN is dedicated to developing a diverse membership of people from across Europe and beyond.  Members will be enabled the opportunity to engage in a range of activities, including sharing experiences and ideas; access to information, evidence and reports; and the chance to participate in the discussion surrounding the health and social care outcomes of Africans living in Europe who have HIV, viral Hepatitis or TB.   Furthermore, as a member of EATAN you will be able to access our training programmes that are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively amplify patient voices; and to help influence European governments and policy-makers, with the aim of safeguarding and enhancing health and social care services for people living with HIV, viral Hepatitis, TB and other chronic conditions. 


You can join EATAN as an individual member.  Individual membership refers to you if are living with HIV, viral Hepatitis or TB; or if you have in interest in these issues; or perhaps you are working in the field.  EATAN is keen to receive membership applications from anyone who shares EATAN vision regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, age, social background etc. This includes patients, carers, students, clinicians, counsellors, researchers, scientists, academics and activists. All membership applications will be vetted and only those that the organisation deems to be closely matching our criteria for memberships will be approved. EATAN reserves the right to approve or reject membership applications and its decision is final.



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