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EATAN Vision


EATAN’s vision is that all Africans in Europe who are living with HIV, viral Hepatitis and TB are enabled and empowered to achieve healthy and fulfilling lives; through opportunities to access appropriate knowledge and skills, living free from stigma and discrimination, and afforded the chance to be involved in the development and implementation of policies that affect their physical and emotional well-being.

EATAN Mission


EATAN is motivated to strengthen the health and social care outcomes for Africans in Europe who are affected by HIV, viral Hepatitis and TB; in order to increase the uptake of screening, improve treatment literacy, achieve treatment adherence and avert secondary transmission:


  • EATAN aims to enhance the voices of Africans in Europe living with HIV, viral Hepatitis and TB so that those who are affected by policies and practices are enabled the opportunity to actively participate in key diagnostic, treatment and social care plans.  We are achieving this through constructing a range of initiatives that allow Africans living in Europe to share their ideas and experiences; including through our Online Patient Forum and training Treatment Advocates within the patient community across Europe.


  • EATAN is driven to ensure that all Africans living in Europe affected by HIV, viral Hepatitis and TB have an equitable and consistent access to health and social care, including screening, treatment, and support.  We are realising this objective through raising patients’ voices in order to understand the specific barriers to achieving physical and emotional well-being; campaigning to reduce stigma and discrimination within the community and in healthcare settings; and promoting the training of culturally aware health and social care practitioners. 


  • EATAN intends to develop alliances with all key community, medical and political groups in Europe whose policies and practices impact upon the health and social care outcomes of Africans living in Europe who are affected by HIV, viral Hepatitis and Europe.  We invite any organisation that is knowledgeable and interested in our mission to join us through our EATAN membership opportunities

EATAN Values


The following values emphasise EATAN’s philosophy and underline our approaches to our policies and projects:


  • Inclusivity – we encourage participation from all those who have an interest in advancing the health and social care outcomes of Africans living in Europe; and deeply celebrate the input, experiences and opinions of all people of varying genders, ages, ethnicities, faiths, sexualities and health statuses.


  • Collaboration – we respect and value the knowledge, skills and experiences of others and actively involve other organisations within the Pan-European community in the construction and implementation of our policies and practices.


  • Integrity – we are committed to attaining the highest ethical standards in our internal and external relationships; and to always ensure that all service users’ right to confidentiality is protected.


  • Transparency – we are an open and accountable organisation, guaranteeing that we are answerable to our members, participants and stakeholders.


  • Quality – we truly believe in our mission and we strive to maintain the highest standard of research, communication and delivery of our projects. 

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