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EATAN HIV Training and Resources Programme Invitation

22/09/2018-25/09 /2018 – Brussels - Belgium


Dear Participant


I would like to draw your attention to our call for participants for the EATAN HIV Training and Resources Programme 2018, which will be held in Brussels on the 22/09/2018 -25/09/2018. If you wish to apply as training participant, please fill out the online application form that you can find here: CLICK ONLINE APPLICATION. and submit it together with your CV by no later than 15/July/2018, 13:00 CET (Central European Time).


About EATAN 
European African Treatment Advocates Network (EATAN) is a Europe wide Initiative that aims to enhance the quality of life of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people and especially African migrants at risk of or living with HIV, viral hepatitis, and other chronic conditions.
EATAN is committed to addressing lack of voice, equal access and participation of African migrants on screening, treatment and care decisions and initiatives and works with key stakeholders across Europe to influence policy; best practice and to empower individuals to make informed choices about their healthcare.


About the Brussels Training Programme.
The HIV Training and Resources Programme 2018 is organised by the European Africa Treatment Advocates Network. The goal of the training is to empower advocates and treatment activists from migrant communities in Europe to make a difference by fostering a stronger involvement of migrant communities in the provision of healthcare services, research, access programs, and early testing initiatives; as well as by fighting HIV, HCV, and TB related stigma and discrimination towards and within their community.


The programme will focus on:

  1. A review of the impact of advocates who received training through EATAN&EATG - MCARE Programme in 2017.

  2. A Space for advocates to share their experiences and explore specific needs of the communities in which they work, following the training.

  3. To develop resources for HIV awareness, prevention, testing and treatment

Who is invited?
This call is specifically made to all the people who participated in the EATAN&EATG Advocates training, held in Brussels Belgium. EATAN also welcome some new actors who work closely with immigrant communities within Europe to apply to take part in this training.
 It is anticipated that participants would be able to effectively communicate in English, which is the mode of delivery for this event. Specific expectations from the participants are that they should:

  • Have significant ability or be in a position to influence policy and practice on HIV, Hepatitis and TB in their immediate community or country of residence in Europe.

  • In contact with, or actively involved, with migrants/patients on healthcare issues and in particular those around access to testing, treatment, and care for the above conditions. This may include running a patient support group, working in a community setting, acting as an advocate, researcher, supporting refugees etc.

  • Demonstrate that the training will empower them to initiate practical actions towards engaging with migrants and fostering their participation in the access to healthcare services. They must clearly indicate what they want to get out of the training programme.

  • Clearly outline the tasks they plan to accomplish to strengthen the capacity of their local migrant community and commit to their implementation during and after the programme


EATAN HIV Training and Resources Project Sustainability 
Project sustainability is derived from the fact that it is based on needs assessments that the proposed interventions are aimed at addressing these needs through training of champions to advocate for inclusion, access, and participation of the HIV migrant groups. The knowledge and skills acquired by the advocates will continue to benefit these patients by working with both the service providers and patients to increase and improve the quality of healthcare service delivery.


Travel, logistics, and applications
The training
organisers will cover the travel, accommodation and food expenses of the selected participants during the training modules. Per diems will not be provided. Please do not make any individual arrangements, as those cannot be reimbursed.

Please forward this call to your networks and people that you consider as suitable candidates for the training. 


Applicants for the training programme should complete the online application form and submit it along with their CV by no later than 15 July 2018, 13:00 CET. Please don’t hesitate to contact the training team if you have any questions about the application process.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE


For More information contact,

Mrs: Maria Oringo

 Training Coordinator

European African Treatment Advocates Network (EATAN)

Rue Abbé Cuypers 3 

1040 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 467841081



Please complete the on-line application form no later than 15/July/2018.

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