2018 European African HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit.

Organising Committee Members;


  • Elijah Amooti - United Kingdom

  • Dr. Iris Shiripinda -  Netherlands

  • M/S Vivian Namuli -  Sweden

  • Mr. Katumba Mugenyi Patrick Netherlands

  • Dr. Christopher WoodUnited Kingdom

  • Malaika Oringo Netherland

  • Mr. Badru Male Sebatindira  - United Kingdom

  • M/S Christine Kabukoma - Rome - Italy

  • Maryan Ahmad Said              -     Norway

This initiative has been independently developed by EATAN, and was made possible through sponsorship from ViiV Healthcare and Gilead Sciences. EATAN acknowledges that ViiV Healthcare and Gilead Sciences has not had any control or input into the structure or content of the initiative.

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