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European African Treatment Advocates Network, EATAN


European African Treatment Advocates Network (EATAN) is an exciting Europe-wide initiative founded in 2012 by a team of treatment advocates passionate about improving the health and social care outcomes of Africans living in Europe who are affected by HIV, viral Hepatitis and TB. 


We are motivated to promote patient involvement, reduce stigma and discrimination and enhance access to culturally sensitive health and social care professionals; through developing and implementing a range of innovative policies and practices that ensure Africans living in Europe achieve empowerment, the ability to make informed choices, an unrestricted attainment of health and social care and an improvement of physical and emotional well-being. 

Legal Status

EATAN was registered as a Community Interest Company on 16th August 2015.

Please explore EATAN’s website to learn more about our work, to have your say, and to find out how you can join us in our mission.

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