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What is the Summit all about?

2018 European African HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C Community Summit.  
"Our Voices Matter for a lasting solution!!"

The voice of the African European and immigrant remains underrepresented and sometimes even absent in issues that concern them: this is detrimental to the development of solutions since their exclusion can only mean one thing; recommendations that are ill placed and difficult to implement in their lived realities.

African Europeans and immigrants would appreciate the need to work with experts on issues that concern them for the maximum benefit that can lead to the eradication of certain diseases.  


The medication against Hepatitis C is now available hence the need for experts to work with immigrant communities in raising awareness and giving adequate support for these communities on the edge so the full benefits of the new medications can improve the lives of the affected persons.   

The summit will be attended by over 80 Delegates . 

Emergency contact Numbers  +31642491363 

+32 467841081

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