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European African Treatment Advocates Network (EATAN) is a Europe-wide Network that aims to enhance the quality of migrant communities in UK,Europe ,East&southern Africa and in particular Africans living with or at risk of Covid19,Ebola HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and other chronic conditions.


EATAN is dedicated to extending our policy of equal opportunity to our staff, volunteers and members.

M-Care - Mobilizing Migrant Communities via Capacity and Access Resource Development is a training programme that is jointly organised by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) and the European African Treatment Advocates Network (EATAN). The training that took place in Brussels, on 10-14 November 2016.

EATAN's Timeline

In Europe there are a number of causes for stigma and discrimination directed at Migrants and in particular patients of African backgorund living in Europe who have HIV, viral Hepatitis or TB.

EATAN’s Online Patient Forum, we provide a safe space that encourages Migrants living in Europe to describe their experiences of transmission, screening, monitoring and treatment adherence surrounding HIV, viral Hepatitis and TB.

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